Major Issues

The Themes section of ESF-Works shines the spotlight on a number of important employment and skills issues, highlighting significant lessons and making connections with policy and practice beyond the boundaries of European funding. Updated information, news and projects will be added to our featured European Social Fund Themes throughout the work programme.
old pensioner

50+ older workers

We could be forgiven for thinking that the place of older workers in the labour market is rather contradictory. However the lack of jobs is severely impacting this part of the population in recent years.

Global warming in the desert

Climate Change

The ESF-Works Climate change Theme focuses on new jobs and new skills to provide opportunities, and takes an in-depth look at the employment and skills aspects of moving to a low-carbon economy.


Employer Engagement

Strong working relationships with employers are fundamental to the work of the ESF, helping to secure paid employment for unemployed people and to upskill workforces to overcome future challenges.

family with child

Families and households

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has now released details of the new ESF provision specifically targeted at families with multiple problems experiencing worklessness.

Job In Construction

Sustained job outcomes

ESF contracts during the 2014-2020 programme have included more and more emphasis not just on finding work for participants, but on keeping them in work as well.

gender equality

Gender equality in work

The ESF has always set a high priority on freeing access to the labour market and encouraging people of all kinds to achieve their full potential.

FAQ Questions

Do you have any questions?

But how does the ESF work? In this ESF Funding FAQs section, you can find out more about how ESF funding is delivered across England.